Mattress Cleaning Services

Essential and soothing, a key to our well-being, good sleep allows us to live life to the fullest. For healthy living, you must clean your mattress to reduce the risk of allergies, itching, take precautions to prevent certain diseases by getting rid of harmful bacteria. Dust mites and fungi can cause allergies which can disrupt your sleeping and make it difficult for you when using your mattress. Mattress Cleaning service Dubai will provide you with cleaning assistance and a healthy living cleaning service. The Healthy Living is the best solution for you to take the important step to clean your mattress.


You expend about a third of your life on your mattress. So mattress cleaning takes careful steps to keep it clean. Regular mattress cleaning can help lessen allergens in your bedroom and keep your mattress new and fresh for years. It’s also important to clean the mattress from any tumbles as soon as possible, to avoid stains and mold from growing. Dust and dust mites build up in your mattress slowly due to the polluted environment and humidity.
Smooth bedding will conserve the mattress cover which can protect the mattress from evolving stains. You do not have to clean your mattress daily as often as you clean your sheets, but you should clean your mattress once over at least every six months.


Mattress Cleaning service Dubai will give you the best services to deep clean a mattress. The Healthy Living can provide affordable and comprehensive services you are wishing for. Here are some of their best technology and treatment:

  • Mattress deep cleaning and uvc germicidal sanitizing
  • Mattress cleaning consist of three steps
  • Deep vacuuming of the mattress from all the sides.
  • Steam sanitizing for the sides of the mattress.
  • Uvc germicidal sanitizing

In first step we deep vacuum your mattress from all the sides to remove dead skin, dust mites, dust mites dropping, dust and other impurities which are the cause high risk of all types of allergies.In second step we steam sanitize the sides of the mattress with overheated dry steam sanitizing machine.In third step we sanitize your mattress with our specially made uvc mattress sanitizing machine with this sanitizing process we make sure that your mattress is completely sanitize and is healthy for you to use your mattress.


we use a spray extraction machine which first sprays the shampoo on the mattress and then extracts the dirt and makes the bed look better. It also helps in removing up to 80 % of stains and scars,


There are many reasons to choose a professional mattress cleaning service in Dubai whether it is for exceptional comfort, the luxurious feel, or most importantly for health reasons, and due to their assorted range, they can offer a choice of mattresses services that can suit anyone. The Healthy Living has trained and involve some of the experienced professionals in their service team who have years of experience and knowledge of cleaning mattresses and other soft furniture. They are highly skilled technicians with world-class equipment which can provide you eco-friendly, very beneficial, and professional sanitizing/cleaning services. They use many types of high technology like UV-C sanitation, Shampoo treatment, Steam sanitation, Distinction and sterilization, and many more to clean your mattress and soft furniture. If you are looking for a healthy and comfortable life then The Healthy Living will make your life easier. So, here is what you can expect,

  • Responsible and Punctual Service
  • You can book a date and time at your convenience
  • Fully Trained Cleaners
  • They will follow up after every cleaning to make sure you are 100% satisfied with their service
  • Backgrounds of all professional cleaners are checked and verified

Above all, they are enthusiastic to provide you with a flawless customer experience that you can truly be sure of and rely upon.

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitization Cleaning Services in Dubai
Professional Mattress Cleaning & Sanitization Services in Dubai
Best Mattress Cleaning & Sanitization Company in Dubai


The Healthy Living provides you with the best cleaning service in Dubai. We are a complete commercial cleaning service company and we aim to provide customers with a healthy lifestyle. Looking for the best mattress and soft furniture cleaning in Dubai? Then The Healthy Living is your best possibility to take charge. We have 7 years of experience in mattress cleaning and trained professionals in our service team. Here at The Healthy Living, we understand the schedule that you book our service to fit around your schedule and Promptness is one of our most important values.

Our technicians always arrive at the time you have asked for. We have the knowledge that your home is commonly used for sitting, sleeping, and using your furniture, and it gets a real workout over time, especially if you have children and pets. Soft furniture and mattress get spots and stains can arise before you know it, your beautiful mattresses start to look less than great. Sometimes to the point where you decide to end up avoiding them.

Do not worry, The Healthy Living is the only solution. We use botanical disinfection technology in humid treatment to remove stains. Our cleaning method will leave your mattress and other soft furniture exceptionally clean, neat, and sanitary. The Healthy Living speculates in providing a detailed service that not only gets rid of the bacteria in your mattress but also makes them look and feel adequate. Our service team cleans most fabric varieties, most upholstered furniture from your very first laying in your cabinet, to the fine items in your living room area.

Our highly experienced technicians with our best equipment can provide you very beneficial and professional sanitizing and cleaning services which can give you a five-star experience. Our Specializations, Mattresses (Dry and chemical-free treatment), Carpets (Dry/Wet treatment relying on your need), Sofa (Dry/Wet treatment depending on your need), Curtains (Dry treatment) Disinfection of offices and residences. We aim to provide you and your family a healthy indoor environment, friendly and effective sanitizing and cleaning solutions. We envision diversifying our business and becoming the most esteemed company in Dubai. Once you make a booking, our service team will first inspect before starting the cleaning process.

The Healthy Living has the moto to determine the kind of treatment required taking into deliberation factors such as Whether you have Children or Pets Any allergies anyone has in the household may suffer from. After a Full analysis, the cleaning treatment will start and can take anything from thirty minutes to a full day depending on the extent of work. Our cleaning technicians have been trained to take care of the following,

If you are searching for the best mattress cleaning service for you and your family, you have come to the right place. If you ever want a healthy living then just contact us, we will accomplish our best for you.


Yes, a mattress can be professionally cleaned. The Healthy Living in Dubai will give you the best cleaning service with their highly skilled technicians and world-class equipment.

You can vacuum your mattress but it’s very important to deep clean it by an expert professional. Deep vacuuming confines 99.97% of the extracted dust mites and other dirt particles.

The mattress should be cleaned every three months to minimize the amount of oil, sweat, skin, and fluids that get into your mattress, while your pillows should be cleaned at least four times a year. When it comes to the mattress itself, aim for a minimum of trice a year or once every season.

Cleaning depends on the size of the mattress it takes around 20 to 45 minutes for cleaning and sanitizing of the mattress and if you have taken dry vacuuming and sanitizing service for your mattress then there is no waiting time you can make your bed and start using it as our team of professionals has left your room; If you had taken stain removal shampoo service, then the waiting time comes in it takes one hour to shampoo the mattress and it takes around 9 hours for the mattress to dry before you can use it again.

Dry cleaning is better than any Cleaning. Dry cleaning your mattress will help you to sleep better by reducing any allergens and allowing you to rest easier knowing the bed is clean. The Healthy Living recommends dry cleaning in Dubai for your best experience.