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How to Remove Stains from Mattress

Despite being used on a daily basis, most people rarely think of cleaning a mattress deeply. Since changing the sheets will not cover for cleaning of skin particles, hair, termite, dust, and other contaminants from your mattress, it is important to give it proper sanitization. What’s best to get your mattress cleaned than hiring expert services from TheHealthyLiving home cleaning expert? We offer Mattress Cleaning service Dubai at extremely affordable with no hassle of twisting and turning it on your own.

Tips to Remove Stubborn Mattress Stains

Mattress cleaning can be a task that is huge and often futile if not performed properly. Indeed, it can damage the mattress if the wrong cleaning methods or techniques are applied during the wash. Since mattresses are exposed to a lot of drool, shed skin flakes, sweat, hair, oil, debris, and bodily fluids, mattress cleaning, and sanitization should be your end goal. Mattress cleaning service Dubai from TheHealthyLiving simplifies the entire mattress cleaning process by offering these absolutely trusted cleaning services at your doorstep.

To familiarise yourself with the process of mattress cleaning, the following methods can come in handy:

  • Deodorizing: It is no secret that plain baking soda comes as an excellent and natural deodorizer that is free of overpowering smells or fragrances that stimulate allergies. Sprinkling a good layer of this baking soda on your mattress and rubbing it gently with your hand can help in killing pungent smells and bad odors. Leaving baking soda for longer hours can also work magic but always refrain from rubbing it too hard on the surface.
  • Vacuuming: As soon as deodorizing the mattress, vacuuming comes as the next step. Always refrain from using a rolling brush directly on the surface as it might damage its fabric. Gently clean the mattress from the top and sides, near the seams and edges to trace out dead skin cells and dust collected.
  • Removing stains: There are many strain-removing recipes available online but not applying those properly can lead to its discoloration. It is always best to avoid putting anything directly onto the mattress. Also, never use a carpet shampooer since wetting the mattress with create a mild inside owing to their sponges.
  • Protecting the mattress: Top of all, it is important to protect your mattress from stains, mild, and allergens by lining it up with a fitted sheet. Choosing mattress covers that are hypoallergenic and waterproof, keeps the mattress fresh and germ-free.

We, at Thehealthyliving, understand that mattress cleaning is a heavy task, thus it requires deep cleaning. We make use of intensive cleaning following 2 steps to keep your mattresses hygienically clean and fresh. Our mattress cleaning service Dubai services include deep vacuuming, treating the stains and spots individually, gentle sanitizing, and deep steaming to kill bugs, germs, viruses, and bacteria. With the help of our powerful mattress extractor, we manage to invade and take out dust from deeper areas. Not just basic steam cleaning, our experts make use of advanced technology that helps in restoring the original freshness of your mattresses. You can call us to book our services in Dubai.

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