Curtain Dry Cleaning & Sanitization Services in Dubai

Homes are incomplete without curtains., They are an inevitable part of your home decor. The curtain can beautify any household effortlessly but it can turn into an eyesore just as early when become dirty. Besides their color and design, the quality and cleanliness of curtains are important too. Washing curtains in washing machines can damage their fabric thus leading to permanent shrinkage. You need professional help if you want to maintain the newness and freshness of home curtains.

There are many curtain dry cleaning Dubai service providers that provide top-quality curtain cleaning services. Dry cleaning curtains is an effective way to overcome accumulated dirt, dust, and allergens. The curtain cleaning services can remove the microscopic particles and give a cleaner and healthier environment.


Curtain dry cleaning is an effective way to clean the curtains safely. The dry cleaning process removes all accumulated dirt and dust. Whether you have a single pair of curtains or elaborate tails and swags, dry cleaning services can restore the curtains to their earlier glory. The curtains function as a natural filter for particles such as pollen and dust, a professional dry curtain cleaning can minimize the quantity of air-borne irritants and improve the air quality for asthma patients.

Curtain dry cleaning with a professional hand has two primary targets: clean all kinds of dirt through a deep cleaning process and maintain the quality and color of the curtains.


In this day and age, when people are busy juggling professional and personal life, many look for convenience when it comes to house chores. Curtain cleaning is one of those inevitable tasks that need regular attention. Profession curtain dry cleaning Dubai can solve the problem. The major benefits of hiring are stated below:


Taking up the job of curtain cleaning will be time-consuming. Hiring a professional curtain cleaning company can save time. You will not have to give up your hobbies or engagements once you hire professionals. This job is tiring and so it is always better to hire professionals.


Even if you are good at household chores, you cannot work like professional dry cleaners. They offer quick services. Further, the services are highly effective. This is not possible when you do the work yourself.


The professional companies shall serve the way you require them. There might be an emergency and you might need immediate cleaning. Professional companies can handle all kinds of emergencies easily. Depending on the kind of service you need, a company will provide you with special or general service.


The professional curtain dry cleaning services need minimum supervision. You will return home and find the curtains clean and spotless. It is a great feeling. You can trust these services. You will be satisfied once you hand over your dirty curtains to them. Looking at the clean curtains is quite soothing and relaxing.


Professional curtain dry cleaning Dubai is stain experts and they know how to remove all types of stains such as protein-based, water-based, oil-based, and organic-based. Regardless of the kind of stain, experts know how to remove them effectively and gently.

Professional cleaners use eco-friendly solvents for removing stains. For receiving the best results, eco-friendly stains are combined with other stain-removers to remove stains without damaging your clothes. They have great knowledge of fabrics.

They have many years of experience dealing with each kind of fabric such as silk, linen, rayon, cashmere, wool, and a lot more. This experience teaches them how to take good care of their curtains and preserve them so that they look new.

Professional dry cleaners do not handle tough stains but specialize in odour removal. Professionals use an ozone generator, which removes the toughest odours. This is known as the ozone treatment and it is an effective and safe way of removing odour from the curtains.


There are multiple reasons to choose Healthy Living for professional curtain dry cleaning services. We specialize in drapery and curtain cleaning services that will save you from the trouble and hassle of taking down curtains and get them cleaned. While cleaning, we use an eco-friendly solution and a powerful extraction machine for removing pollutants, dust mites, dust, harmful bacteria, and soil.

We are professionals in the curtain dry cleaning business. It means we always remain updated with the latest cleaning methods and we provide effective solutions to deal with delicate fabrics and stains. Moreover, we maintain the greatest business standards by integrating the national and local regulations. We follow the environmental safety rules.

We give an unforgettable experience to our customers. We care for our environment and we use this principle while dry cleaning. Our cleaning method will not expose people to health hazards. Our prices are highly affordable. Our prices shall suit the need of each customer.

We follow transparent business practices and always live up to the expectations of customers. We strive to become a preferred dry cleaner through the reliable services that we offer. We understand the busy and tiring schedules of our regular customers. Considering this, we provide the facility of free pick-up and free delivery to our clients.


Every day, the curtains are exposed to dust, airborne grime, and pollutants. However, many people neglect it during normal house cleaning. As dust and dirt accumulate, the curtains look dull. Without cleaning, the curtains might wear and tear. Professional cleaning services are important to protect them. With time, the collected bacteria and allergens might affect your health. The fabric might come in contact with moisture that can enhance the chances of mould growth. The contaminants can have side effects on health, mainly for people suffering from respiratory problems.

Curtains are a huge investment. If you want to extend their life, you should clean them routinely. If you hire a professional dry cleaner, the fabric will be inspected carefully to decide the cleaning methods that are the most accurate. When curtains are cleaned, their lifespan gets doubled or tripled.

Primarily, there will be an inspection of the curtains meant for dry cleaning. You will have to take the curtain to a dry cleaner and the curtains will be examined for stains, tears, etc, and all things will be mentioned in the tag, which should be sorted.

After you have left your curtains, the professional cleaners shall go through a pre-spotting method where they shall apply a chemical solvent. Thereafter, using the vacuum cleaning processes, the stains will be removed. This is a significant step of dry cleaning.

Once the curtains are pre-spotted, the curtains are put into a machine and merged with a non-water solvent. The clothes will be rotated in a perforated cylinder that has small holes and here the solvent is pumped in a steady amount in the complete process. Thereafter the bucket spins the clothes and gets rid of excess solvent and warm air is released. The clothes become dry.

Just like any other fabric in your home, curtains should be cleaned regularly. However, if curtains are heavy and long, they can be dry cleaned. Curtains of all sizes and types are a part of this service. Getting the curtains dry cleaned can be a great way of saving time and effort. Certain kinds of curtains should be only dry cleaned including interlined curtains, curtains made from silk, velvet, wool, velour, tapestry, brocade, and chenille. Curtain dry cleaning Dubai can make the process easy.

Dry cleaning curtains is an effective way to remove the dust and dirt accumulated in your curtains. The Healthy Cleaning curtain cleaning services have specialists who can remove the microscopic dirt to give a cleaner and healthier environment. We dry clean the curtains as per the care label instructions given to provide the best results. We offer on-site curtain cleaning services where there are fixed curtains.

Our technicians are qualified and knowledgeable to perform the curtain cleaning. Professional equipment is used, which enables curtain cleaning when they are hanged in their place. On-site curtain cleaning is an efficient, quick, and eco-friendly method. The team has the latest equipment needed for powerful dry cleaning.

Steam vacuum cleaners can clean and sanitize effectively the curtains without removing them from the places. Dry cleaning can kill almost 100% of dust mites and your curtains will be free from allergens. There are multiple benefits such as no shrinkage, gentle on fabrics, eco-friendly, quick and efficient service, economical, germ and anti-dust free, and there is no risk of colour fading.