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We are a complete residential & commercial cleaning and sanitizing service company, which aims in providing their customers with a healthier lifestyle.

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We are a complete residential & commercial cleaning and sanitizing service company, which aims in providing their customers with a healthier lifestyle.

To provide superior service than that of our competitors. We envision diversifying our sanitizing business and becoming the most valued company in the uae.

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Revive your sleep sanctuary! Experience freshness and comfort. Schedule your professional mattress cleaning today for a rejuvenated night’s sleep.

Transform your home with a deep clean! Book our carpet cleaning service now for a fresher, healthier, and more vibrant living space.

Refresh and revitalize your sofa! Schedule our professional sofa cleaning service today for a spotless, cozy, and inviting living room.

Renew your home’s elegance! Don’t neglect your curtains – book our curtain cleaning service now for a brighter, fresher living space.

Breathe cleaner, fresher air! Ensure your family’s health with our AC duct cleaning service. Schedule now for a healthier home environment.

Experience a pristine home! Let our professional maid services take care of the chores. Book now for a cleaner, stress-free life.

Rediscover the beauty of your space! Choose our deep cleaning service for a thorough and immaculate transformation. Schedule today!

Make your move seamless! Our move-in and move-out cleaning services ensure a spotless transition. Reserve now for a stress-free relocation!

Don’t miss out! Secure your spot today by booking now. Experience quality and convenience like never before. Don’t delay, act now!

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Deep Vacuuming

We use Kirby, a leading American vacuum brand, that comes with 11 times the suction power of your regular vacuum. It also confines 99.97% of the extracted dust mites and other dirt particles through special HEPA filters, preventing them from further spreading.

UV-C Sanitation

We use BedScan-UV™ mattress sanitizer which is clean, green and effective at reducing microbes’ growth on mattresses. It is tested and accredited in the USA.

UV-C Sanitation

We use a Polti Cimex Eradicator (patented worldwide by Polti, Italy), which generates superheated dry steam up to 180° C to eliminate bacteria, dust mites, allergens and other virus particles present in your soft furniture.

Shampoo Treatment

We use a spray extraction machine which first sprays the shampoo on the item and then extracts the dirt and makes the item look better and also helps in removing upto 80 % of stains and discoloration, we use the same machine for mattress, sofa & carpet shampooing. (No 100% guarantee removal of stains discoloration or smell)

Disinfection & Sterilization

We use a ULV (ultra-low volume) foggers. They produce fog using pressure in one of two ways. Either the Eco Friendly solution is pumped through a high-pressure nozzle or the solution is slowly sent through a vortex of high-speed air, We use Dubai Municipality’s approved ANOSAN ECO®️ a superior natural Air Disinfectant for Home Office & Vehicle’s.

  • Kills 99.995% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores
  • Non-toxic disinfectant & deodorizer
  • Free of alcohol, aldehydes, dyes & scents, non-staining


I found The Healthy Living team on Instagram, messaged them, and within less than 2 hours a presentable team of three arrived at the house and started work. Extremely
professional and efficient. No mess, no stress, very polite and well-spoken. I was very impressed with the results. I will be using them again for sure. Thank you!

Dominique Zawisza

I got my mattress clean with them and it was worth while, fuss free, professional, job well done and very impressive. This was dry cleaning and they were super quick yet perfectly done. They used steam, vaccum and UV lights. Their 10 sec of UV light is equal to hours of sunlight isn’t that wow. I was so impressed with their service that I am definitely going to repeat the treatment very soon.

Thepoojasblog Gosalia

I hired The Healthy Living fpr cleaning dining chairs and carpets. They did an excellent job. The staff was polite and on time. They charged a very reasonable rate. Overall i am satisfied. Will definitely hire them again.
Their housekeeping service is also very good. I needed a helper urgently. Lily did an excellent job with house cleaning and kitchen help.

Uzma Gul Ansri

2nd time using their services and i must say they’re very professional and reliable. Did sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning the first time. The charge is very reasonable
compared to the others. They’ll always have a supervisor around who is more of a 3rd eye to ensure all stains are cleaned up.
Definitely recommend their services


This company is excellent . They have the right equipment for their work and very clean .I had my balcony couches cleaned , they deep clean it and am very happy with their work . The staff is very polite, friendly professional thorough and attentive. I
highly recommend.Thankyou

purity kigome

The team arrived on time and were super professional in explaining what they were going to do, showed me a quick sample of their work, and got right to it. Was super
impressed and equally grossed out from what they extracted from my mattress. I’m a pretty clean OCD guy and keep my house in tip top shape, but extracting this volume of baked in grossness from my mattress was something I didn’t expect to see. Highly recommended, and would definitely call them again in the future. Good job to team JUDE

sasir Don


Cleaning services can include residential cleaning (homes and apartments), commercial cleaning (office spaces, businesses), Mattress Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Curtains Cleaning, AC Duct Cleaning, Maid Services, deep cleaning, move-in & move-out cleaning services.

The cost of a cleaning service varies based on factors such as the size of the space, the type of cleaning required, and the location. Typically, it can range from hourly rates to flat fees for specific services.

The duration of a cleaning session depends on factors like the size and condition of the space, the scope of work, and the number of cleaners. A standard residential cleaning can take 1-3 hours, while deep cleaning or larger spaces may take longer.

The frequency of cleaning services depends on your needs and preferences. Common schedules include weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed for special occasions or deep cleaning.

To choose the right cleaning service, consider factors such as reputation, customer reviews, pricing, services offered, and whether they meet your specific cleaning requirements.