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How to Remove Water Stains from Curtains

Washing curtains can be a tiresome and time-consuming task, so it is always advised to hire professional curtain-cleaning experts. Experts at TheHealthyLiving are perfect for availing curtain dry cleaning Dubai services which will help in saving your time and effort. We are renowned for offering high-quality curtain dry cleaning with 100% guaranteed doorstep service at extremely economical prices. We have an in-house team of verified professionals who have a grip on using modern techniques to clean even the most stubborn curtain spots and stains.

Tips to Remove Water Stains from Curtains

Water stains are common kinds of stains spotted on curtains which are often very difficult to remove. In case you are struggling to remove water stains from your curtains, this post is going to provide you with some quick tips and techniques so that they can come out coming all clean and new. These tips are helpful in case you are planning to undertake the cleaning job on your own.  

  • Step 1: Take the curtain area that has a spot and make it wet using cold water. With the help of a clean towel or sponge, try and absorb as much water as you can without tampering with the curtain fabric.
  • Step 2: Often if the stain is not that stubborn, it can be removed with the help of a pencil eraser applying very light pressure.
  • Step 3: Once the stains are removed, take these for another round of cleaning in warm water using a mild laundry detergent. Soaking the curtains for an hour will and pulling them off gently will save the fabric from getting damaged.
  • Step 4: Take them out once they are rinsed properly and use a towel to blot dry them with another towel. You can then dry your curtains using a machine dryer or a hairdryer or just leave them under the sun so that UV rays can work on removing any water stains left.

This process is efficient yet tedious and not always successful, since dealing with tough water stains can make you do much more than simply washing at home. Also, overuse of regular home cleaning detergent has proven to damage and fad the fabric over a period of time making the curtains look dull and shabby.

Hiring curtain dry cleaning Dubai services from is going to make your life simpler than ever. Our team of cleaning experts makes use of eco-friendly and gentle cleaning products to clean your curtains. We also have access to cutting-edge technology which speeds up the curtain drying process and hence ensures less drying time. Our amazing and easy professional curtain cleaning services are offered without any hassle that results in curtains looking fresh and germ-free to enhance the overall decor again.

Our curtain dry cleaning and steaming services also include vacuuming the dust using vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters to ensure top-level impact. We also work on disinfecting and sanitizing services for your curtains which accounts for to complete hygiene of the living space.

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