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Maintain the Beauty and Luster of Persian Carpets with Professional Cleaning Services in Dubai

The Persian carpet is a one-of-its-kind handmade home decor item that has long been prized for its beautiful patterns, outstanding durability, and incredible craftsmanship. Persian rugs are painstakingly hand-knotted by skilled artisans that add timeless class to any room. Exclusively made in Iran, the unmatched quality of the rugs made them highly sought-after and the same techniques are still being employed to make beautiful wool and silk rugs with rich colors and intricate designs. Persian carpets are hand-knotted generally made of silk or wool and have dense thread weaving.

The carpet is made of easy-to-clean material but is quite delicate, so cleaning it is a task that needs some expertise to handle with ease. To address this vital issue several professional companies in Dubai render expert Persian carpet cleaning services.   

Dubai weather condition is the reason behind extra dust, germs, bacteria, and dirt being accumulated on the rugs. The dust particles settled in the carpet is hard to clean, as vacuuming usually cleans the surface and harmful impurities remain within the deep fibers. Due to the textural designs of the Persian carpet, the dirt accumulated is more prominent that requires professional cleaning to make it aesthetically pleasing again.

Thorough cleaning of the Persian carpet in Dubai done by professionals will increase the rug life and will offer a greater value for investment. Having spent hundreds of dollars on a Persian carpet and seeing it fail in its very purpose is quite disheartening. A grubby rug is not fancied by anyone and a thoroughly cleaned Persian carpet rug brings a room together and enhances its beauty of the room.   

Persian carpet though expensive may last for a lifetime if it is properly cared for. The maintenance and cleaning of the exquisite Persian rugs should be left to professional carpet cleaners in Dubai who know to safely perform the cleaning task without causing any damage to the rugs.

Professional rug cleaners recommend cleaning the carpet once a year or every six months, depending on foot traffic and soiling. People can easily find out whether their Persian rug requires professional cleaning by brushing its fibers with a hand for a few minutes and if they notice dust flying then they should opt for a Persian carpet cleaning service in Dubai.

Cleaning the Persian carpet at home through superficial cleaning will not provide the desired result, and this may even damage the carpet fibers. Thus it is always better to go for professional cleaning services for the precious Persian carpet. Professional carpet cleaning companies in Dubai have the proper experience and expertise to deal with delicate home decor items like Persian carpets.

Normal detergents and steam cleaning are not suitable for Persian carpets, and these need to be carefully cleaned to ensure that their beauty and luster are maintained. Professional carpet cleaning companies use high-tech vacuum cleaners and carpet washers that suck out every piece of dirt from the carpet providing it with a fresh and clean look.  

People should always keep in mind that they should not clean the Persian rug in the same way that they would clean their regular carpets. Persian carpets are highly sensitive and natural fibers like silk and wool require special care. People are recommended to hire tried and tested Persian carpet cleaning service in Dubai that specializes in cleaning Persian rugs.

Thus, people who enjoy living in a clean and healthy environment and want to protect their family’s health from dirt accumulator, then they should seek help from a highly reputed Persian carpet cleaning company in Dubai that not only remove debris from the rugs but also clears out the dirt hidden inside the strands.