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Steam Cleaning Carpets vs Shampooing in Dubai

Carpet is an essential home decor item that accentuates the ambiance of the place and adds life to even a dull room. Keeping the home’s interior healthy and hygienic is not a choice but a necessity, simply because a dirty and stained carpet is a breeding ground for dust, bacteria, and allergens.

These contaminants not only affect the texture and look of the carpets but if not removed properly may cause respiratory problems and also some other health issues. People in Dubai looking for a premium carpet cleaning service should consult a professional that is proficient in serving the local people with environment-friendly carpet cleaning methods.

The two most common carpet cleaning methods adopted by professional carpet cleaning service companies in Dubai are steam cleaning the carpet and cleaning the carpet by shampooing.  

Steam Cleaning of Carpet

Steam cleaning of the carpet is carried out in two steps, at first the carpet is cleaned with just high-pressured water and steam and in the second step, the carpet is vacuumed to get rid of the dirt. The dry time with steam cleaning is shorter as less amount of water is being used during the cleaning process.

In steam cleaning, the carpet gets dried in just a few hours. In the steam cleaning process, water vapor is heated to a high temperature at high pressure to thoroughly clean the carpets, and then a powerful pump and vacuum are used to generate steam that goes deep into the carpet to dislodge dirt, oils, stains that cling to the carpet fibers.

The dirt and lose particles are sucked up from the carpet with the help of a hose. The professional carpet cleaning company of Dubai executes this cleaning process with a truck-mounted steam cleaner to get the required heat and suction. It is a highly effective process that is carried out with water being heated to high temperatures and at high pressure.   

Carpet Shampooing

The carpet shampooing method is exactly carried out in a way like we shampoo our hair using shampoo and soaps to get rid of dirt. Similarly, carpet shampooing is carried out with the help of a carpet shampooing machine attached to a powerful motor having brushes to dig out dirt and dust from the carpet.

The shampooing machine has a cleaning solution in the tank attached by a hose to a spinning brush that injects the cleaning solution into the carpet as thick foam. This machine relies on high pressure to create a thick foam and lather that loosens dirt and stains in the carpet, allowing the vacuum to such them up ensuring deep cleaning of the carpet.

The last and final step of the carpet shampooing process is rinsing the carpet fibers with hot water and then the moisture from the carpet is sucked away by a powerful vacuum. While looking for deep cleaning of the carpets, people should always look for a professional carpet cleaning service in Dubai having great expertise in handling the carpet cleaning with perfection.

Though both these methods are good to clean the carpets and people can choose any one method depending on their usage and how often they want to deep clean the carpet. If people are cautious and do not step on the carpet wearing shoes and slippers and the carpet is fairly clean, then they can opt for steam cleaning. Whereas if the carpet is frequently stepped on while wearing shoes and slippers or if there is a pet in the home that leaves tough stains on the carpet, then it will be best to opt for the shampooing cleaning method because it will remove the toughest of stains and make the carpet clean and hygienic again.