Mattress Deep-Vacuuming


Looking for the best mattress and soft furniture sanitizing/cleaning UAE has to offer? You have arrived! The Healthy Living has trained and experienced professionals in there service team, who have more than 5 years of mattresses and other soft furniture sanitizing/cleaning experience in the UAE. Once home you commonly are sitting, sleeping and using your furniture, and it gets a real workout over time, especially if you have children and pets. Items get spilled, spots and stains can occur and before you know it, your beautiful mattresses or your favourite sofa or that Persian carpet of yours start to look less than great. Sometimes to the point where you end up avoiding them. THE SOLUTION IS THE HEALTHY LIVING CLEANING SERVICE Our highly skilled technicians with our world-class equipment provide you with an eco-friendly, very effective and professional sanitizing/cleaning services which give you a Five Star experience. Our Specializations: • Mattresses (Dry and chemical-free treatment) • Carpets ( Dry/Wet treatment depending on your need) • Curtains ( Dry and chemical-free treatment) • Sofa (Dry/Wet treatment depending on your need) • Disinfection of offices and homes. NOTE: We use Botanical disinfection Technology in wet treatment to remove stains. Our sanitizing/cleaning method will leave your mattress and other soft furniture extremely clean, fresh, and sanitary. The Healthy Living believes in providing a complete service that not only gets rids of the bacteria in your soft furniture but also makes them look and feel better. Our technicians clean most fabric varieties, most upholstered furniture from your very first laying in your storeroom to the fine items in your living room area.