Upholstery Deep-Vacuuming


Looking for the best upholstery and soft furniture sanitizing/cleaning UAE has to offer? You have arrived! The Healthy Living has trained and experienced professionals in there service team, who have more than 5 years of upholstery and soft furniture sanitizing/cleaning experience in UAE. Next to your carpets and rugs, your furniture and upholstery gets a lot of use. You constantly are sitting and using your furniture, and it gets a real workout over time, especially if you have children and pets. Items gets spilled, spots and stains can occur and before you know it, your beautiful sofa and love seats start to look less that great. Sometimes to the point where you end up avoiding using the furniture. THE SOLUTION IS THE HEALTHY LIVING CLEANING SERVICE Our highly skilled and trained technicians use techniques that are state of the art, eco-friendly and very effective. In short, we are experts in our field so you can place your trust in us to deliver a Five Star quality service. Our company specializes in sanitizing/cleaning: • Mattresses (Dry and chemical free treatment) • Carpets ( Dry/Wet treatment depending on your need) • Curtains ( Dry and Chemical free treatment) • Sofa (Dry/Wet treatment depending on your need) NOTE: We use Botanical disinfection Technology in wet treatment to remove stains. Our soft furniture cleaning method will leave it extremely clean, fresh, and sanitary. No other cleaning company in UAE offers such a complete method that gives the results that we do. Our technicians clean most fabric varieties, every colour, most upholstered furniture from your very first apartment sofa in the basement to the fine, expensive items in the formal living room area. If you are searching to have any of your soft furniture, mattresses or fine fabrics sanitized or cleaned. The Healthy Living is the name you know you can trust for all your soft furniture sanitizing and cleaning needs. CALL US (+971528235843) TODAY TO BOOK A FREE DEMO FOR THE BEST SANITIZING/CLEANING SERVICES UAE HAS TO OFFER.