Carpet Deep-Vacuuming Sanitation


Green Carpet Sanitizing/Cleaning Services in UAE, with ‘The Healthy Living’.

Why you need to clean your carpets on a regular basis? Having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis by The Healthy Living Cleaning Services is essential to your overall household well-being. It is also very important to have an Eco-Friendly carpet cleaning service that specializes in pet and children friendly cleaning. Besides the fact that from an aesthetic point of view it can make your home look much more attractive and inviting, carpet cleaning can improve the indoor air quality dramatically. Here are a few simple facts that might surprise you. Did you know? … Residential carpets are designed to be soil and dirt hiding. In fact the fibers that make up a carpet are engineered to break up soil particles in to smaller parts so that they do not appear to the naked eye. It’s only once your carpet is completely soiled and cannot hold anymore soil particulate that it appears dirty. By having your carpets deep vacuumed and steamed, your carpets will once again be able to retain the airborne particulate and hold it down instead of releasing it back into the air.
What is hiding in your carpets? Here’s the truth and we won’t sugar coat it… Besides the airborne particulate and regular soiling, here is a short list of some of the common things that can be found in household carpets. (Please note, not all of the items are in all carpets, but many are) • Food & spills • Pet stains • Snot and Drool • Urine (pet and human) • Bacteria • Viruses • Germs • Skin particles • Dust • Hair, animal & human • Microscopic dust mites and their feces. • Silverfish & their feces. • Carpet beetles & their feces • Nail clippings • Sand & Grit Yes folks it’s true, without proper carpet care your home’s carpets can be quite the petri dish. The good news is that they really don’t have to be. With ‘The Healthy Livings’ extremely thorough carpet dry cleaning or carpet wet cleaning process you can enjoy a much healthier environment at home. In fact with proper carpet care, including regular vacuuming, your (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality will dramatically increase. Our highly trained team has the expertise to offer a restorative style of carpet cleaning as opposed to a maintenance type of cleaning. In short, while we cannot bring back the dead, we can surely restore your carpets to their best condition possible. TO BOOK A FREE DEMONSTRATION, FEEL FREE TO CALL US ON (+971528235843)